European HR Frontiers

HR profession has been transformed by globalisation and technology

The HR profession has been transformed by globalisation and technology. Disruptive innovations have had a major impact on the global economic and political landscape through the emergence of new business models and value networks that ruthlessly leave the old ones behind. How people communicate, plan and work has been revolutionised, and so the need for innovative HR technology, strategies and solutions that supports the delivery of seamless processes has never been greater.

Published in print and digital formats

Published in print and digital formats, which are also enhanced by a series of bespoke events, this multiplatform publication provides a unique blend of in-depth commentary and analysis of the key issues shaping the sector, while also offering a valuable and effective way of reaching and influencing a high-spending community of business leaders.

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European HR Frontiers is the latest edition to a stable of established and authoritative global brands that includes The New Statesman, Spear's, Finance Director Europe and Chief Executive Officer.


The operational, strategic and technical readers of European HR Frontiers have the authority to recommend, specify or authorise over *78% of all spend in the market. Job titles and functions include:

  • CHRO/HR Directors

  • Directors of Talent & Managers

  • Chief People Officers

  • CEO/MD, CFO/FD, CIO’s, CSO’s

  • Chief Learning Officer

  • Heads of Pensions , Financial Advisors, Pensions Directors & Trustees

  • Heads of Payroll

  • Fleet Managers

  • Directors of performance & Engagement

  • Comps & Benefit Directors & Managers

  • Directors of Rewards & Managers

  • Employee Benefits Directors & Managers

  • Directors & Managers with HR budgetary responsibility for HR

  • Directors of Human Resources & Managers

  • Heads of L&D & Managers

  • Heads of Compliance & Risk

  • Health Care professionals

  • VP’s of HR

  • Fleet Managers

  • Personnel Directors & Managers

  • Heads of Search, Recruitment managers and Directors

  • HR Managers

Advertising and editorial

Quality content is at the heart of European HR Frontiers. The expert editorial team selects the best opinions and trend analysis from the individuals and organisations at the forefront of development.

The key issues covered include:

  • Employee Benefits, Rewards & Engagement
  • Pensions
  • Payroll
  • Leadership, Learning & Development and the support technology
  • Health, Wellbeing and Mental Health
  • HR function and Software
  • Performance Management
  • Insurance, Compliance and Risk Management
  • Cyber breaches and data security
  • Drug Testing and Substance abuse
  • Executive education
  • Recruitment
  • Technology and practices for the workplace of today and tomorrow

Securing the best contributors:

  • Frank De Buhr, head of HR shared services, Roche
  • Alix Jacobson, director of recruitment, Netflix
  • Karen Gaynor, head of rewards, Siemens
  • Bjarte Bogsnes, VP performance management development, Statoil
  • Angelika Inglsperger, head of global talent development, Allianz Global
  • Bernd Kirchner, HR director, Deutsche Bank
  • Gianpaolo Borozzi, director, human resources, Cisco
  • Erica Briody, global vice-president of talent acquisition, Quintiles

Touch Points

The Solution Lab

A seven-question Q&A designed to ask advertisers the questions an HR professional would ask them about their product or service if they were in their presence. The Solution Lab will be in European HR Frontiers and sent out via email.

100,000 email addresses

Sent to HR professionals, chief people officers, CHROs, HR directors and CEOs using out Data Intelligence Centre, we will compile a bespoke email list of HR professionals that will enhance your marketing efforts to your key target demographic. Done in conjunction with the Solution Lab.

Search engine optimisation

A 600-word SEO text page about your product or service, which will be indexed by the leading search engines, giving you better visibility online.

The Summit

The European HR Frontiers Summit (date TBC) will be the most comprehensive gathering of HR professionals in mainland Europe. Participation in EHRF will give you additional benefits at the summit if you participate.

Bespoke Breakfast Briefings

We will invite your “wish list” of guests and design an agenda that is engaging & highlights you as a solution provider tackling todays challenges in HR. We will be an independent partner to bring you closer to your target demographic, by using our content focus approach, we will help you to build new long lasting relationships. Your briefings will be bespoke & exclusive to you.


Quality content, combined with a first-class approach to circulation, will ensure that advertisers are able to reach and impress the HR professionals and business leaders they need to influence.

The advertising package includes:

  • An effective campaign that combines the best of print, digital and in person marketing options
  • A highly targeted and audited circulation
  • An online supplier listing
  • All special positions – POA
  • Publication June 2018

European HR Frontiers allows you to reach the most influential decision-makers at SME’s to large corporate companies worldwide. Your message will identify you clearly as a leading solutions provider